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  1. Jewellers Vulnerable to Brick & Mortar Exodus (TIF, SIG)

    Tiffany's and Signet Jewelers first quarter earnings reports this week could confirm slowing sales due to the e-commerce ...
  2. Renewed Interest in a Value ETF (SPVU)

    Investors have recently been flocking to this overlooked value ETF.
  3. Julian Robertson's Tiger Mgmt Sold Apple and Google, Bought Adobe in Q1 (AAPL, C)

    Robertson was one of several hedge fund managers to sell off Apple stock in the first quarter.
  4. Encouragement for Indonesia ETFs (EIDO, IDX)

    An upgrade to Indonesia's credit rating could jump-start its equity markets.
  5. Augmented Reality Gets Boost From Facebook, Snap

    AR is forecast to grow 30% this year thanks to Facebook's Stories and Snap's Snapchat lenses.
  6. Bitcoin Pizza Day: Celebrating the $20 Million Pizza Order

    Bitcoin Pizza Day: the day Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins.
  7. Facebook Guidelines Leak Reveals the Difficult Task Before It (FB)

    The Guardian has obtained a copy of Facebook's rules and guidelines for moderating content on the platform.
  8. Why Ford's New Boss Faces a Rough Road Ahead (F, GM, TSLA)

    Ford's New CEO, Jim Hackett, must find a way to overhaul the automaker
  9. Banks Call for Looser Payday Lending Rules

    Large banks want to be more included in the market for offering short-term, high-interest loans.
  10. Facebook Want to Tell You Who You Should Know

    The company is working on a feature to suggest people it thinks users should connect with.
  11. Big Money Flows Into Big Tech ETFs (FTEC, XLK)

    The tech sector is soaring, and investors are responding by flocking to the relevant funds.
  12. Many Funds Cut Apple in Q1 2017, But Buffett Didn't: Should You? (AAPL, KHC)

    While many top funds reduced or eliminated their positions in AAPL, Warren Buffett maintained a major stake. What should ...
  13. 3 Under-the-radar Momentum Plays (AOII, WTW)

    A basket of small cap stocks are charging higher in 2017 momentum rallies that could eventually end at much higher price ...
  14. Hedge Fund Portfolio Turnover Was Extremely High in Q1: 13F Filings

    While some turnover is common, Q1 seems to have been an unusually tumultuous quarter for some investors' portfolios.
  15. E-commerce Earnings on the Rise (AMZN, WMT)

    E-commerce companies reported a healthy rise in earnings. But growth has come at the cost of operating margins for some.
  16. Ford Set to Replace CEO: Reports (F)

    Ford is replacing CEO Mark Fields and putting its faith in its autonomous driving chief.
  17. Tesla Fights to Sell Directly to America's Wealthiest (TSLA)

    Tesla hopes its promise of new jobs will enable it to start selling electric autos in Connecticut, home to some of the nation’s ...
  18. Stocks: The "Buy On The Dip" Party May Be Over (SPX)

    The aging bull market and Trump's multiple crises make buying on the dip a lot riskier
  19. Trump Economic Uncertainty Worse Than 2008 Crisis

    Donald Trump as president is the third most uncertainty-inducing U.S. event since the beginning of 1985.
  20. Stocks Touted as Trump Winners Look Like Losers (X, CXW)

    Stocks that rallied following Trump's election have suffered lately.
  21. J.C. Penney Starts B2B Unit to Target Hotels (JCP)

    J.C. Penney anticipates strong demand for pillows, sheets and bedding from the hotel industry.
  22. Deutsche Wants Ex-Board to Share Misconduct Costs (DB)

    Deutsche Bank is reported talking with former board members about taking personal responsibility for costs from misconduct.
  23. Credit Suisse Shareholders OK $4.2 Bln Stock Sale (CS, IYF)

    Credit Suisse Group is issuing 73 million shares, or about 3.5 percent of its total stock.
  24. New Bitcoin Price Record: Over $2,000 Per Coin

    The price of Bitcoin has climbed to its highest point of all time, now trading at over $2000 per coin.
  25. Uber Enters Logistics Industry With Uber Freight (AMZN)

    Uber Freight is an app that connects shippers with trucking companies, removing freight brokers from the equation.
  26. Apple Entering Glucose Monitoring Market With Apple Watch (AAPL)

    The company is said to be working on a continuous glucose monitoring device.
  27. Retailers Better Off After a Rough Previous Week

    Stores see better-than-expected Q1 earnings, but investors aren't impressed with Gap's results.
  28. Nutanix, IBM Release Cloud Alternative to Intel

    Tech firms team for a new converged infrastructure offering for big data and analytics.
  29. Firms Face Decelerating Cloud Spending: Analyst

    HPE, Western Digital hit by slowdown to momentum, according to Susquehanna’s Mehdi Hosseini.
  30. Urban Misses Low Bar, Shares Continue Downward

    Urban Outfitters’ trendy onesies weren’t enough to offset a brick-and-mortar disaster.
  31. Stocks Fall as Political Turmoil Grips the U.S. (SPY, DIA)

    This week the major U.S. indexes moved lower amid alleged Donald Trump controversies.
  32. Alibaba: Raymond James Likes What It Sees

    Alibaba's 60% increase in revenue YOY prompts Raymond James to hike the price target to $160.
  33. Top Earning Hedge Funders on Alpha's Rich List: #1 Will Surprise You; the Others, Not So Much

    Institutional Investor's Alpha ranked the top-earning managers of hedge funds again for the 16th year in a row. Who made ...
  34. Analyst: Buy UAA on Dick's Sporting Goods Weakness

    As the beaten-down sportswear maker trades near four-year lows, Jefferies sees an opportunity.
  35. Weibo Has More MAUs in China Than Twitter

    Twitter had a blowout first quarter, but a Chinese copycat has more monthly active users.
  36. A Split Outlook for Bank ETFs (XLF)

    There is good news for bank stocks, but be cautious with the sector and its ETFs.
  37. Alibaba to Buy Back $6B in Shares in Next 2 Years

    Alibaba announced it would buy back $6 billion worth of shares during its Q1 earnings report,
  38. A Shagadelic Idea for Short-Term Bonds (SHAG)

    This new bond ETF is an alternative to traditional low-duration exposure.
  39. What's Behind Community Health's Strength in 2017? (CYH)

    Community Health Systems stock is up 68 percent this year. How do fundamentals affect the valuation?
  40. 3 Brick & Mortar Retailers in Strong Uptrends (PLCE, FIVE)

    Dozens of brick and mortar retailers have been crushed this earnings season but a handful of traditional specialty shops ...
  41. Autodesk: Can It Make Money? (ADSK)

    Autodesk stock surged after the software firm beat Wall Street's first-quarter earnings estimates.
  42. Ugly Result, but Brazil ETF Acted as Expected (EWZ)

    The big Brazil ETF just experienced a big fall, but it behaved the way it should have.
  43. Time to Sell Boeing (BA)

    Boeing has reached hidden resistance at multiyear price targets, raising odds the long-term uptrend is finally coming to ...
  44. Twitter Hires Ad Tech Expert to Boost Revenue (TWTR)

    Twitter is seeking more advertising dollars from marketers and has hire a industry veteran to create new products to do exactly ...
  45. First Solar Holds 200-Day MA but Chart Could Be Bearish (FSLR)

    First Solar has fallen in recent days following its tremendous rise over the past few months, but will the stock turnaround ...
  46. Snap Inc. Shares Could Fall With Lockup Expiration

    A lockup for some 1.2 billion shares expires later in the summer, setting the stage for declines.
  47. Wal-Mart, Toys R Us Can't Keep Up With the Demand for Fidget Spinners (WMT, KKR)

    Fidget spinners are all the rage with young children, forcing Walmart and Toys R Us to scramble to capitalize on the trend. ...
  48. FitBit Tests Lows After Breaking 50-Day MA (FIT)

    FitBit has been moving steadily lower since its first quarter financial results and is now testing its lows - is it due for ...
  49. Brazil's Political Crisis Weighs on These ETFs (EWZ, BRZU)

    A fresh political scandal in Brazil sent the nation’s stock market, together with many of the exchange-traded funds exposed ...
  50. Facebook Will Livestream 20 Major League Baseball Games (FB)

    The battle to broadcast live sport online heats up after Facebook wins a deal to stream Major League Baseball games.
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